Kumho Petrochemical is the largest synthetic rubber producer in the world. Our comprehensive line of SBS polymers, known as the KTR series, is industry-best in terms of quality and consistency. Our polymer is utilized in asphalt modification for road construction, roofing, membranes, adhesives, and plastics across North America.

Kumho Polychem is Asia's premier EPDM producer and offers its KEP series of rubber. Constant growth, brand loyalty, a high quality product, and recent growth in capacity have driven Kumho Polychem to top-tier world EPDM producer. Cook Chemical's long history of sales for Kumho Polychem has focused on the rubber industry in the Western United States.

Struktol Company of America has the expertise and experience to provide an intelligent additive solution for all your polymer applications. We provide engineered additive solutions to overcome all the challenges associated with processing rubber and plastics. Struktol's additives are designed for: viscocity modification, color, dispersion, homogenizers, compatibilizers, surfactants, lubrication. The result is a more efficient processing experience, without sacrificing the performance of final product. Cook Chemical's decades worth of experience with Struktol has targeted the Western United States, Texas, and Louisiana. 

McLube has been manufacturing high-tech mold release technology and industrial lubriacants for over 50 years. Our products include water and solvent-based release coatings and a full line of oils, greases, and dry film lubricants. 


Westlake Chemical is a leader in the ethylene related products. Cook Chemical is proud to offer Westlake's line of Epolene modifiers.